Lakeland Artisan

Lakeland Artisan

Lakeland Artisan has several brands these include:

  •  Lakeland Liqueurs –  Liqueurs made from real fruit.
  •  Cumbrian Delights – Preserves and fruit syrups that have links to Cumbria with all its varied culinary creations.
  •  Cumbrian Delights Lite – Preserves that are more suitable for Diabetic or people watching their sugar intake (made with fruit sugar).
  •  Mawson’s Original Drinks – Cordials and semi sparkling ready to drink, drinks using blends of natural extracts, reminiscent of years gone by.

They are all hand crafted, using only the finest natural ingredients and all made in our kitchen in Staveley, nr Kendal. Winners of 36 Great Taste awards in the last 7 years.

Contact: Geoff Monkman



Telephone: 01539 822326

Unit 1-2,
Stavely Mill Yard,
Nr Kendal,

Lakeland Artisan bottles
Lakeland Artisan Damson Extra Jam

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