George Romney Ltd (Kendal Mint Cake)

Romney's Kendal Mint Cake

George Romney Ltd was established in 1918 by Mr Sam T. Clarke, great grandfather of the current managing director John Barron. Starting out as a sweet wholesaler, Mr Clarke became frustrated when trying to obtain supplies of Kendal Mint Cake, so he purchased an old recipe and began production in Leightons Yard, Highgate.

This proved to be quite successful and our most famous moment in history came when Mr Clarke was approached by the 1953 expedition to Mount Everest, to see whether he could supply Kendal Mint Cake to them within 7 days.

On May 29 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Sirdar Tenzing ate this Mint Cake on top of Everest as they completed the first successful ascent of the mountain. Tenzing also left some to appease his ‘gods’. Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake has since become a firm favourite of climbers, hikers and visitors to the Lake District ever since.

We also produce Old Fashioned Treacle Toffee, made in our traditional copper pans to a 60 year old recipe created by John’s grandad; Sydney Barron.

Over the last 15 years we have been creating and developing our Handmade Butter Fudge range and have become a well established quality product in a competitive market. Our range now extends to 20 flavours.

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Romney's Kendal Mint Cake
Romney's Kendal Mint Cake
Romney's Kendal Mint Cake

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