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We have recently redesigned the Made in Cumbria website to make it more accessible according to existing standards and legislation, but also to make the site quicker to load and easier to update.

Changes include arranging design elements (colours, fonts, borders etc.) into Cascading Style Sheets (CSS information), rewriting the source code in HTML5 (HTML5 information) wherever possible, replaced table layouts wherever possible, and wherever possible, using proper tags for headings, paragraphs, lists, tabular data, forms, quotes etc.

This separation of content and presentation and the use of proper, structured markup, are good ways of improving accessibility in a variety of browsers and it will also aid web crawlers such as the Google bots when indexing the content of a site. Following web standards is also a way of keeping up with the rapid developments in browsing technology, making it more likely that the web pages will display correctly in the latest browsers or in a new device.



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